Get Your Interior Looking Brand New

cropped view of car cleaner vacuuming drivers seat in car

Cleaning the exterior of your vehicle is great, but keeping the interior of your vehicle clean is even better. You see the interior of your vehicle everyday and it can be a bit overwhelming when your vehicle is dirty or cluttered. Another great aspect of cleaning your vehicle’s interior is that it will help you vehicle last longer, so if you’re tired of the pet hair or the food crumbs that your kids left behind check out these vehicle interior cleaning tips from Car and Driver.

Cleaning Equipment

Before you get to cleaning you need to make sure you have the necessary cleaning equipment. Some equipment to have handy is bucket, vacuum, duster, microfiber cloth, spray bottle, sponge, stiff-bristle scrub brush, and crevice cleaning tool.

For specific cleaning products for your car depends on the type of interior you have, but you can never go wrong with products like leather cleaner, disinfecting wipes, carpet cleaner, and invisible glass ammonia-free window cleaner.

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Cleaning Tips

Now that you have all your supplies necessary to clean your car, it’s time to get your vehicle’s interior to look as good as new.

Remove Your Floormats. Removing the floormats helps you get the crumbs and dirt easily out of your car. Shake them out and wash/clean them and lay them out to dry while you clean the rest of your vehicle.

Vacuum Interior. Taking the time to vacuum the interior is a great way to get into crevices you can’t reach. It’ll easily remove all the dirt from the hard reach places. You can also use the vacuum on your seats.

Carefully Clean Your Dashboard And Console. Take a microfiber cloth and dust your dashboard before wiping it down with disinfecting wipes. Then turn to your console and remove any dust before taking a lightly dampened cloth to wipe down the console.

Clean Windows. Make sure you clean your windows with ammonia-free window cleaner, and don’t spray directly onto the windows. Spray your window cleaner into your cloth and then clean your windows. Using a microfiber cloth keeps your window from getting scratched also.

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