Get Your Yard Ready For The Next Season

Gardener uses the pine bark to mulch a rose bush, in anticipation of the winter. Mulching is a cultivation technique.

Spring is not here yet, but there are some things you can start doing while you wait. Start to enjoy the longer days of sunshine and get your yard ready to amaze your friends, family, and neighbors! If you are not sure where to start or when Sears has these tips for you.

First Steps

Begin by cleaning up your yard of all the leaves and twigs. You can rake, pick them up by hand, or use a leaf blower for maximum efficiency. Once you have a clean yard, apply fertilizer, emergent, and weed killer. Start with the fertilizer and emergent, and then about six to eight weeks later, apply the two again with a weed killer. These together will ensure healthy grass for a beautiful lawn!

Yard Trimming

If you want a lawn that looks thicker and fuller, mow five days a week for the first six weeks of spring. This might seem tedious and like a task you do not want to do. But, by mowing frequently, you will ensure that your grass will keep growing healthily. When you mow your lawn once a week after all the rainfall and its high, you are actually stunting the grass’s growth.

If you have trees in your yard, you should consider doing a safety trim for dead branches. You should do this every three years, and if you are not sure what a dead branch looks like, hire a specialist. Removing dead branches will be good for safety concerns and the health of your yard.

Mulch Matters

A good way to help your yard look new and finished is re-mulching. After all the trimming, removing of dead plants and sticks, tidying up your flower beds with mulch will help elevate your yard this year.

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Wait until Fall

Dead patches of grass are the worst, they make us feel like we cannot take care of our yard. It might be tempting to go ahead and plant new grass seed to cover up the brown patches, but you should wait until fall. Especially if you are using pesticides or weed killers, planting seeds too early and they will not germinate. If you really cannot wait, try sod instead.


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